Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Those in Haiti- Legitimate Sources

With many of us wondering how we can help those in Haiti, I've compiled a list (thanks to the help of Fox News) and added it to Simply Wizardress and my other sites.

Please pass on this information so that those who are wanting to help, can do so and know that their donations are going to reliable sources.


Sunny said...

Thanks Wizzy, but I have been glued to CNN and The Weather Channel since the Haiti earthquake happened. Got my list from CNN trusted links.

Have not been able to think about much since last Tuesday....praying and sent a small twenty dollar donation.

The texting number for cel phones is great! Over 4 million dollars have been received from that alone!


Ambivalentboi said...

I miss you, in case you wondered. Are you blogging anywhere else?


healthfilled said...

Hi Girl, It's Ellen, former QueenofSky. I'm looking to connect with some of my former JS friends. I don't read that many blogs these days either, but it's nice to stay in touch!

How are you doing?

Tami Jackson said...

Fox News totally slandered my son (Onision) in regards to raising money for Haiti. He publicly asked his fans on YouTube to send money directly to legitimate federal food programs ... Fox posted his face as the poster boy while they warned Fox viewers to watch out for thieves and opportunists (as though my veteran son was a crook). Bleh.

Good to see that station actually did something DECENT (and you were able to learn something productive from them).

Wizardress said...

Tammy that is horrible! Did you contact them directly and ask questions as to WHY they did that considering he wasn't asking for people to send HIM money but to send money to legit sources?

That would make me furious as well.

Tami said...

Yes. I contacted sly as a Fox (as did many of Onision's 2,000,000 YouTube subscribers). None of us received a reply -- interestingly enough.

*I'm sure you'll hear someone else telling a similar story about Fox someday soon ... just tuck what I say under your hat for now*

RandyNose said...

Hey Lori!- Did you move your Blog?

Wizardress said...

I did Randy- you can find me at