Thursday, March 05, 2009

Across Time

Many years ago when my brother was a little tyke (he'll be 40 in June) he played George Washington in a school program. During that time, my brother had longish (shoulder length) blond hair, so he didn't need the 'white wig', but what he did need was a costume, one that my mom lovingly made for him- sitting hours at her sewing machine so my brother could be the best George that school had ever seen. Even now, when I see photos of him in 'costume' I can't help but smile. She did a great job, and while I don't remember the others in the program, I feel fairly certain that my brother was the best dressed of them all.

Fast forward 30+ years- my nephew is now in a school program (today in fact) and called my mom and asked my mom if she remembered the George Washington costume she'd made his dad oh so many years ago. She obviously did, and he asked if she'd be willing to make him one for the program. He's not playing George Washington, but another president- the name of which slips my mind at the moment.

My mom had around four days to whip up a costume of presidental proportions for my darling nephew, and she was determined to do just that. My brother had said if it was too much to ask, that they would just rent one for him from a costume shop, but mom was having no part of that, she wanted to be able to give the same gift of love of her handiwork that she'd given my brother more than 30 years ago.

Yesterday he had his 'final fitting', and everything was perfect, down to the little additions to his shoes.

Most children probably wouldn't be interested, but my darling nephew asked mom countless questions about how she created the costume, and how she made her own patterns and the process in getting from the pattern stage to the finished product.

I suspect he wanted all the information so he could share it with his teachers and classmates and say "Look what my grammy made for me, and this is how she did it."

Yesterday- he turned to her as he was leaving after his final fitting and said, "I love you Grammy." Four words that would melt the heart of all 'grammys' and most definitely the heart of my very own dear mommy.

The last thing he wanted- was to know if his "Pap" (otherwise known as my diddy) would come help him get dressed for his program today. Something tells me diddy wouldn't have missed it for the world.

I hope they were able to get pictures.

It wouldn't surprise me, if in 20 or so years, my mom is getting yet another phone call from her then great grandchild, who also happens to need a costume for school- to play yet another president, and I know as long as she's able, mom will be honored.

31 Days to a Healthier Diet

March 5- Drink Water.

It's the only beverage your body really needs and craves. Gradually replace sodas, flavored coffees, sugary drinks and other high calorie liquids with water. Aim for 8-12 cups daily.

My Gratitude List for March 5, 2009.

Today I'm Grateful For:

1- Longer hours of daylight.

2- Letters from home.

3- Marcel leaving me the same little banana sticker that I left him yesterday.

4- The crocus and daffodils which are beginning to bloom.

5- The smell of fresh brewed coffee.


becomingkate said...

I hope they get pics as well. Your story reminds me of how my mom could sew anything when requested. If they send you pics, I hope you post them!

Wizardress said...

If they do Kate, I'll ask if my brother minds me sharing. He's such a little doll anyway, so I can only imagine how he will look in the costume.

Wizardress said...

Sounds like your mom is really talented. I wish I could do that, but sewing has never been my forte'

Fijufic said...

Great story. I actually drink too much water and it has caused me to lose potassium and magnesium which in turn has caused cardiac irritability.

I honestly drink more water than anyone I know...

Whadda ya gonna do?


Ramsey said...

aim for 8-12 cups....


for coffee? i'm there!!!:)

Dorrie said...

yes, we need pictures!!

my mom used to sew ALL of my clothes and costumes, too... it's a lost art among modern women, sadly. I used to sew my clothes, too, but then I found buying was cheaper, fit better, and quicker.

You should take sewing classes...(as if you need another hobby...)

Wizardress said...

Bobby I drink alot of water too- close to a gallon a day, but I also take a multi-vitamin to make sure that I keep my nutrients and vitamins where they should be. Many people don't think about it- but there is such thing as too much water.

Ramsey I tend to drink too much coffee too- I usually drink about 4 cups a day, although I'd like to get back to 2. When the warm weather hits though, I'll only drink when it's cooler out in the evenings, so I guess it balances out somehow.

You know Dorrie I think if I were going to sew, I'd like to learn to make quilts. My great aunt (who just turned 80 in January) is still quilting and does everything by hand. I wish I had that patience, and since she's like a grandmother to me (since all of my grandparents are gone :() I'd love to learn it from her. Shes an amazing lady and I admire her SO much.

*hugs* Yáll have a great weekend!

fragilewisdom said...

This was such a great story. Thanks for sharing it.

I love you layout. Also quilting is so much fun and very satisfying when the project is finished.

Maggsworld said...

This touched me in all the right places. Maggs

Judy said...

Your mother and "diddy" are both very special awesome people! :)

I also had a little 'note' taped to one of the 8 bananas from my friend , Gary, : "follow the instructions on the sticker!" It said to stick to my forhead and smile, heheeee.