Monday, March 09, 2009

All Work and Some Play

As per usual these days- things have been extremely busy in Neverland and I don't see things getting any more leisurely in the near future. Granted, it isn't all work and no play, so tomorrow Desere and I will board a train and head off to a destination about an hour and fifteen minutes from here where we'll shop, have lunch, and enjoy spending some time together before she heads back to work in the near future.

I'm in the stages of finally getting my sites off the ground and running. I've been talking with people in terms of hosting, domain names, etc- and it looks like things are finally going to happen. I've decided that in order to challenge the grey matter, that I'm going to attempt to do the site on my own. I built a website years ago without any tools or programs, but strictly on writing the code myself. I've forgotten alot, and alot has progressed since then, but if I did it once, I can do it again- it's just going to take some time.

The blogs will come first- since I think they'll be the easiest to set up, and the sites will be built around them later. When things are ready to be launched, I'll let you know- I'll continue to write here even then, but I want my own space, where I can make the rules and do things the way I want to do them, write about what I want (not that I don't do that now), but things will definitely be different, at least for me.

On the personal front- my period is late. Not by much, just a few days, but I'm generally like clockwork. I know, this may be more information than you wanted to find on my journal (sorry guys), but it's one of the things going on in my world, and one of those little things I wanted to talk about.

No, I don't really think I'm pregnant. I could be, mind you- but I really don't 'feel' pregnant, at least if there's a way one is suppose to 'feel' when they are in the beginning stages of pregnancy. I think it's just one of those hormonal issues, or possibly I could be heading towards the 'menapausal light' at the end of the tunnel. Either way- I'm sure that whatever it is, that everything will be fine, but it has been passing through the grey matter some.

It's almost time for me to wake Marcel from his nap, so I can get him off to work, so I'd better say toodle-loo for now.

Oh, before I go-

My Gratitude List for March 9, 2009.

Today I'm Grateful For:

1- Confidence.

2- Little notes from friends that warm my heart and make my day smile.

3- Being able to be there for those who mean so much to me.

4- My 'unbiological' sisters, since I've never had a real sister of my own.

5- Learning to avoid toxic situations, and people.

31 Days to a Healthier Diet

March 8- Slow down.

Savoring your food in a calm environment helps you tune-in to your body's signals. You're less likely to overeat and experience problems like acid reflux when you take your time to really enjoy the moment.

March 9- Eat 4-6 servings of vegetables daily.
High in nutrients and low in calories, veggies can help prevent diabetes, stroke, heart disease and more. One serving is equal to 1/2 a cup.


Ramsey said...

i've considered setting up a web site again. personal control being the key advantage.

on the personal front? :) thank God it was Eve that screwed up!

Fijufic said...

Mabel has been spotty for the last year or so on hers. She will be 45 and she tells methat she is going through the change...

It could be the other.....I hope so.

Ramsey said...

btw...does this mean you're going to be eye candy again with that conductor?

Wizardress said...

LOL Ramsey- Us women always get a bad wrap :)

NO eye candy tomorrow unless hes on a different train. NOrmally I would see him, but I'm not going to Bible Study tomorrow, but going the opposite direction. Maybe next week :)

Marcel asked me today if I didn't think it was a little early for all that Bobby, but I told him that i have heard of women starting in their 30's, so we'd see. I was having some serious mood swings a while back, which I am an emotional soul, but this was WAYYY out there, and Maggie suggested maybe that's what it was, and I think it's possible.

*hugs* yáll!

Judy said...

I would hope it's the good kind and not the bad ole change of life.

Lori...are you also "Ms Wizardress" ? The icon is of a white flower.

Just wondering....