Sunday, March 01, 2009

Changing Things Up

It didn't take me long to get tired of the other layout that I had. I liked it, but it still wasn't exactly what I have been looking for, which leads me to this current layout.

I like the look, and it is very much "ME", but I still miss the old sunflower days. One of these days, I'm actually going to try to install PhotoShop and see if it will work with me running Vista now. Maybe then I'll actually create my own layout. I don't think it would be too difficult, since I do actually still have all the files from my old journal.

Things are quiet here in Neverland. Marcel went to his moms for Sunday dinner, and I decided to stay behind and enjoy the solitude. He brought me a plate with green beans and potatoes, and a chicken breast that I now have baking in the oven.

Since they were all having meatballs, and I only buy and eat very lean ground beef, my mother-in-law bought me a chicken breast instead. Lately she's been very respectful in honoring my wishes to eat healthy. I think she finally understood that I was dedicated to my health and a healthier lifestyle and she respects that, and I appreciate it.

I have a load of whites that are almost finished washing- I hear them going through the spin cycle as I type this. After those are finished, I have one more load and the laundry will be completely caught up. One thing that I won't have to think about this week. Yay!

March 1st- Can you believe it?

Since March is National Nutrition Month, I've decided to share with you a daily tip of 31 Days to a Healthier Diet- compliments of Spark People, one of my favorite sites.

As most of you know- I drastically changed my life last year when I started focusing on eating well, excercising, and getting rid of those very unwanted pounds. I haven't completely reached my goal, but I'm getting close, and this will serve as 'food of inspiration' for me, and hopefully for anyone else who is wanting to get 'healthier'. After all, we could all make better and more informed food choices.

March 1st- Keep a food diary.

Before you can improve your diet, you have to know where you stand. Record everything you eat and drink for five days and use these tips to improve your diet a little each day.


Dorrie said...

we need to visit each other again ;-)

at Matt is working on making it possible to use our old JS layout codes!! He's really trying hard to make his site like the old JS.

jadedj said...

I liked the flowers, but this is pleasant also.

Charm said...

I like your new look; it does seem more like "YOU" and your style. I think using the minima black layout offered by blogger, and putting your own sunflower picture at the top with your own blog title lettering on the image itself, you could come very close to the look of the design you had at JS.

I could do with eating better. Not that I eat a generally poor diet, mind you. There are just some things that could be a bit better.

It was sweet of your mom-in-law to buy a chicken breast for you. Does anyone ever see or hear from Hillary anymore?

Have a good evening! *Ü*


Wizardress said...

Hey Dorrie- That would be great. Hopefully we can sort something out sometime. Things have been a little crazy busy here, and I've got friends coming this summer, but it would be fun to see you again :)

I think it would be great if Matt could get the old js interface going. I have a journal there, but I haven't been writing much.

I'm hoping that when I finish with the few things I have going on right now, that I can get my blogs going on my own domains. I like the idea of being in control of my own space, although I'm sure I'll still write here as well, and then if Matty could get the old js interface, that would be great. Has he talked with Dylan in terms of getting the coding?

Thanks so much jaded.

Charmie- I think you are right, and I actually have a black template saved that I am considering doing jsut that, I just haven't got there 'yet'. I will though.

I thought it was really sweet of her too. I told her that it wasn't necessary, but she insisted.

No one has contact with Hillary anymore. She sold the house (which I'd expected from the beginning) and moved to somewhere about an hour from here. I believe she was just ready to move on with her life and was having difficulties. I'll write you about it when I respond to your note. Hopefully tomorrow. *hugs*

Ramsey said...

i really like this layout. the background reminds me of bamboo.

i'm probably the most unhealthy of all your readers too. this past week, two meals of apple pie and another day it was oreo cookies dipped in milk. yummy! she eats hers and i eat mine:)

becomingkate said...

I quite like this one!

Dani said...

This reminds me of one of the layouts that Sugarmelon made for me at JS. It's really pretty Wizzy!


I like this layout more than the sunflowers - but that could be a boy thing. I have to admit the food diary is a good idea - I just no I wouldn't last a day with it though!

greeneyes67 said...

My lifestyle has changed so much since I started sparkpeople! I have been keeping a food journal since December and I've lost about 13 pounds too :) It feels amazing. I feel wonderful and healthy. Very sweet of Marcel's mother I gotta say. Enjoy your dinner.

Fijufic said...


You can see I am a layout nOOb.

Oh boy. This one is very nice Wizzy. I like it.