Saturday, March 07, 2009

Let The Sun Shine In....

The past two days have been a whirlwind of activity, which started when I woke up yesterday morning to find that the sun was shining. Yes, the sun, that has been ever-so-elusive since we returned from our trip home for the holidays.

I never knew how much I took the sunshine for granted until weeks went by where it didn't shine except maybe an hour a week. Needless to say, I was in pure celebration mode yesterday when I was granted an entire day of sunshine.

Not that I was energyless before, but you remember the old John Denver song called "Sunshine on my Shoulders"? In the song, John sings that Sunshine on his shoulders makes him happy- well that was me yesterday. Just SEEING the sunshine made me happy, and spending almost two hours soaking up the rays and feeling it against my skin had me practically jumping for joy.

After my work out yesterday, I decided to drink my water and have lunch outside, so I donned my favorite sunglasses and headed out. I don't remember noticing that it was 50-55 degrees out, only how warm and delicious the sun felt against my skin.

At a certain point I decided to allow my favorite feline outside with me, and Mister M. and I spent some time outside together. He didn't even seem to get agitated that I was brushing him, something that he generally tires of quickly.

I spent alot of time taking care of various domestic goddess things, and I topped the evening off with a walk together with Desere and a visit filled with laughter. It was a GREAT day.

It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for the soul. I've been ready to take on the world, and imagine how excited I was this morning when I woke up and saw the sun shining again?

I was making plans to spend some more time in the sun, soaking in some Vitamin D, when sadly the sun disappeared and didn't reappear the rest of the day. It gave me the perfect opportunity to zip around the house and take care of many things that I needed to get done, and I'm grateful that all that is now done and I can sit back and relax.

Marcel came home at six tonight, so I'm off to spend some time with him in a few. Tomorrow he'll spend most of the afternoon watching soccer, and then dinner at his moms.

I have lots to talk about, but right now, I really need to run. Before I go---

My Gratitude List for March 7, 2009.

Today I'm Grateful For:

1- Seeing positive things happening in the lives of those I care about, who have been hurting and struggling.

2- The feel of sunshine on my face.

3- Morning 'wake-up' calls.

4- Marcel coming home at 6 tonight instead of 10.

5- The adorable photos that mom and diddy sent me of my nephew in his Madison costume, and also of 'DOG' the cat, chasing a mouse.

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Dorrie said...

the sun was shining here, too! I couldn't believe it after all the rain yesterday.
Have a great Sunday!

becomingkate said...

We had a snow storm this afternoon! But I am counting the days until April...

Anonymous said...

Nice here today but colder this week with promises of rain. Promises.

ctmedz said...

Hey Lori!! I finally had a few minutes to stop by my favorite peoples blogs and say a quick hello. How are you sweetie? I miss you soooo much! Taking care of Daddy is what Ive been doing these days~~Hope you are doing well my friend~~

Lottsa hugs your way