Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saying Goodbye- Kind Of

As you know, I've been talking about having my own space for quite some time now, and I've finally made it happen.

I do believe that the 'great crash' of JS, pushed me to actually get that done, as it had been in the 'planning' stages for more than a year, but I just hadn't taken the time to get everything done.

I'm there now. Even though I don't have things the way I want them, my sites are launched. Yes, I did say sites, as in plural. A little more on that in a moment.

Because I am writing there full time now, and because I also have a blog at Keep Connected Live, my prescence here, aside from reading others will probably be very limited.

If you are looking for a great new place to blog, Keep Connected is the place to go. A former JSer is the owner, and he's really working hard to add features and make it a site that we all want to use.

I really admire and support his efforts, so I encourage you to do the same. You won't be sorry you did.

I may or may not link my entries from my sites here. It depends.

What I am in the process of getting done, is adding all of my favorite blogs to my new site so that I can use it as a springboard to visit everyone. It's going to take a little time, but I will get there. In the meantime- don't forget me.

More on the 'sites' thing that I mentioned.

I decided that rather than have one particular site, that I wanted to have different places to write about different things, so at this point I have three different places where you can read.

Most of the information found on each place is different, although sometimes they may overlap a little and you'll find something that you may have already read.

Each place is a part of who I am, and all three together embody somewhat of the complete puzzle of all that is- "ME". Granted, it isn't everything, but I would say that it's close.

So- I present to you- SimplyWizardress- Here you'll find me sharing everyday life- things I do, products that I like, photos, stories about Mister M, recipes, etc..

Through the Tulips- Here you'll find my gratitude lists, stuff about health, fitness, excercise, anything to do with being positive and having a positive outlook.

Last, but certainly not least- the place where things are a little crazy- Little South of Sanity. This is the place where I share things that are a little on the wacky side- or for those moments when my sanity takes a southerly turn. I'll also share crazy stories, or things I come across that I find to be odd.. plus any sort of wacky thing that is happening in my life.

There you have it- a little idea of what you can find at my new places.

These will not be temporary. These will be my permanent blogging homes, so feel free to bookmark or add me to your blogroll if you'd like.

I'm also strongly considering bringing back Wednesdays with Wizzy- which will interview people from across cyberspace , instead of only focusing on bloggers from the former JS or even bloggers in general, although I am leaning towards only interviewing other bloggers. It's still in the 'thinking' stages, but we'll see how it pans out. If it happens, it will be found on Simply Wizardress.

So, as the title explains- this is kind of a goodbye, but not really- the doors are open wide and I'm feeling more inspired than I have been in a long time.

Let's have fun!


Stasia said...

This is wonderful, Lori! Congratulations on putting them all together. You can definitely be sure I'll be stopping by them all. *Hugs* Love ya!

Bagpuss said...

Can't wait to visit your new sites.
And I think that bringing back WWW is a great idea

Judy said...

Yay and Kudos to you, Lori ! I absolutely love "Simply Wizardress"

Yes, I love blogging on too, in my sunnyinflorida page.

I'll be stopping in at all of your new places, but my fave is your "Simply Wizardress." Oh I said that already, did'nt I? Haha.


Wizardress said...

Thanks y'all so much. Y'all are welcome to visit anytime you'd like.


Judy said...

Your profile photo is so cute.

Oh and I'll be over to comment at your Tulips and South Sanity sites, toooo! *Hugs!*