Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Little Things

Dinner is in the oven, so I decided while it's cooking that I'd come back and share more of 31 Days to a Healthier Diet.

It's something that I can definitely benefit from, and since I know that it's something we ALL can benefit from, I wanted to share with everyone.

It is yet another dreary day outside in Neverland, yet in spite of the cold weather, cloudy skies, and drizzling rain, my mood is shining!

I'm happy and content- although I've been very worried about several people that I know and love who are struggling at the moment. I can't change their situations, but I can and will continue to pray for them, and be there for them if and when they need me.

Earlier this afternoon I was browsing through a cookbook that the local supermarket puts out monthly. The publications are gratis, and I always browse them and clip out any recipes that I find interesting, or that I think I may make in the future.

I ended up with three or four new recipes, one of which was a dessert that I'm itching to make- but will change to suit the tastes of those I make it for- namely Marcel, but probably won't make until the temps begin to warm a bit.

What I also found was an advertisement for Chiquita bananas, and you know the little blue and yellow circular stickers they put on the bananas? Well there were 'mock' stickers in the magazine, and they said things such as: "You are the best", "I think you're sweet", etc. I decided to clip all nine of them and give them to Marcel at various times.

This afternoon when he came in from work, one of the 'stickers' was lying on his laptop keyboard. It read- "I think you're sweet."

The look on his face when he saw it was priceless, followed with a "Do you really think I'm sweet?" I said that I did 'most' of the time, to which he laughed, and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

The sheets I'd washed were in the dryer, and he took them out of the dryer and made the bed. I offered to help, but he said he'd do it.

It's the little things.

Now before I go..

31 Days to a Healthier Diet

March 3- Enjoy 2-4 servings of fruit each day.

Fruits are rich in nutrients, fiber, phytochemicals and antioxidants, all which help prevent disease. One serving is equal to 1/2 cup.

March 4- Know your "red" flag menu words.
Avoid restaurant items described as battered, bottomless, breaded, cheesy, country, crispy, creamy, fried, giant, loaded, smothered, and stuffed.

My Gratitude List for March 4, 2009.

Today I'm Grateful For:

1- A day at home without having to get out.

2- A husband who truly seems to 'get' the importance of the little things.

3- Samantha's upcoming visit.

4- Rebounding markets.

5- Baby doves, which indicate spring is closer than I think.


mub said...

I just found those banana "ads" too! I have a little sticker maker and I -think- they'll fit (it's a really teeny sticker maker) so I'm going to stick them all over the house when I leave to the US next month =D

Were you looking at recipes in the AllerHande? Cause that raspberry trifle is calling my naaaame!

Wizardress said...

Kimmie- YESSSS that is actually one of the ones I clipped and I'm considering ways to make it healthier lol

I've never thought about the eirenkoekjes as a cakey type base for the trifle- great idea isn't it?

Wizardress said...

That's a great idea about the banana ads.. Martijn will love it I'll bet :)

Anonymous said...

all I can say is I think the stickers thing is so cool-- rock on you guys!

Ramsey said...

had to laugh at your "most" of the time. we have said the same to each other. what one doesn't want to know is the "thoughts behind" or leftover from the most:)

mub said...

Here are my calorie cutting ideas on that recipe-
frambozen limonadesiroop- they have this in a low sugar version

vanillekwark- I don't know if they have this in a low fat version, but they have plain kwark in a low fat and you could add vanilla

eierkoeken- I love this idea, but I know that AH has a "light" cake thingum that would probably work too. We've used it in things and it's not too shabby!

No ideas on the cream, that's just something you can't substitute *L*

Which other recipes are you looking at in there? The salmon in the filo looked good too *drools*

Wizardress said...

Kimmie I was thinking the same things, and in fact even thought about substituting fat and sugar free vanilla yogurt and figure even though it won't be as thick, it would still do the trick. Or maybe a mixture between vla and yogurt :)
You are right about the cream though :(

Oooh I was looking at that too, and I think i clipped it, to make it for Marcel, and there was also another dessert, with advocaat but I'll add something else, since I know Marcel doesn't care for it.

We should have a dinner party sometime :)