Friday, March 20, 2009

Excitement in the Neighborhood

Weird stuff happening in our neighborhood tonight. A helicopter flying around, and obviously looking for something, or SOMEONE. This sort of thing NEVER happens in our neighborhood, or even in our town, so something is going on.

You can read more about what's been going on here. (That is the link to one of my three new journals, which are still in the early stages.)

More about the new spaces tomorrow.


Dorrie said...

you are a little "scardy cat" (sp) lol The police have night goggles now-a-days so they can actually SEE in the dark from helicopters. Keep us posted.

Cin said...

Thats werid.*hugs* Hope you have a great weekend.

Ramsey said...

keep your doors LOCKED! and have great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

What kind of helicopter? A black one?

Fijufic said...

Yikes that sounds crazy Wizzy.

Wonder what the fuss is all about.


Sammi said...

Excitement in the neighborhood - sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's scary! Hopefully it's all done and over and will be quiet and peaceful from now on... :)

Wizardress said...

haha nooo Dorrie I'm normally not scared at all, but I have a wild imagination, and well when I don't know WHO is out there and what they are capable of, that makes me nervous :)

I thought it was weird too Cin.. but I have 'the rest of the story'now :) *hugs*

You know I did Ramsey- I double locked them when that happened haha

lol I have no idea Bursty, because after all, it was dark :)

I now have the rest of the story Bobby, to share shortly

I like excitement too sometimes Sammi, but that kind I donnt like whenI'm alone haha..

*hugs* happy Saturday yáll.