Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Faces of Diet Pepsi (Free Stuff)

This morning I had an email from Pepsi-Cola annoucing an entire line of 'flavors' for Diet Pepsi. Flavors such as Cherry, Vanilla, Lime and Lemon.

Even though I'm a fan of Coke Zero, I thought that the Cherry and Vanilla would be something I'd love to try, and I probably will once they arrive in Neverland.

In the email, was also the following link to print your own pepsi coupon which will allow you to choose one free 12 pack of diet Pepsi, with the purchase of two 12 packs of diet Pepsi. Not a bad deal at all, especially if you can find them on sale somewhere.

Also in the email, was a coupon for a new burger at Arby's called the "Roast Burger", with the purchase of a Diet Pepsi. You can print the coupon here, then take it in to your local Arby's and enjoy!! (Mom & Diddy, I thought this may be something for y'all, even though I know you don't generally drink Diet Pepsi).

I always get excited when I see good deals, or products that I think others may enjoy, so I thought I'd share the wealth.



Judy said...

I'm so glad you are blogging also in KeepConnected Live! Thanks for sharing this freebie stuff! I love diet pepsi and will try or look for, the vanilla flavor!

Thankyou too, for your nice comment on my

*Hugs!* and Happy Saturday!

Ramsey said...

well i'm not not a pepsi fan but more of a "Lori fan:)"

thank you for your thoughtfulness though!