Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Gone..

This morning I slept sinfully late. Even though I knew I had quite a bit to do today, I decided that I would get up whenever I woke up and not worry with the alarm. It was wonderful. Marcel worked all night, so didn't come to bed until a little after six this morning, and it was great to fall asleep for several more hours with him there beside me.

Before I went to sleep, I turned on the electric blanket for him, so that his side of the bed would be toasty when he crawled in it this morning. It's one of those little things that I like to do for him, that make his day a little easier. Since I only grunted and turned over in the bed when he crawled in this morning, he thanked me for it later when he got up.

It has been one of those run, run, run kind of days. I worked out this morning, then jumped in the bath, got ready, ran to the store (not literally) to pick up a plant for his mom. She'd specifically requested a plant for her birthday, so we found one to go along with her birthday gift.

We spent the afternoon and early evening there- and came home in time for Marcel to catch two hours of snooze time before he has to get up (15 minutes from now) and head out the door for his last night shift. Since he only works two of each shift, it makes it much easier for him.

Desere is also home alone this evening, so she's invited me to come over and spend a few hours with her. So, when Marcel goes to work, he'll drop me off there, and Hein will bring me home later.

I do have so much I want to talk about, but it does seem that every time I sit here and begin to write, it's when my time is limited- just like now- I need to get the coffee brewing and Marcel's lunch made, plus change out of the clothes I have on and put on something more comfy to wear to Desere's.

Tomorrow morning Bobbi is coming over for a visit and staying for lunch, but tomorrow afternoon, I hope to find some time to write.

I watched the movie Fireproof a week or so ago, and I'd really like to talk about it. Have any of you seen it? If not, and you can get your hands on a copy (it's out on DVD now), I highly suggest you watch it.

More on that later...

In the meantime, before I head off-

My Gratitude List for February 19, 2009

Today I'm Grateful For:

1- Small gestures which mean so much.

2- The DVR, which allows me to tape almost everything.

3- Being back on the Elliptical and feeling the 'burn'.

4- People who notice.

5- Cuddle time with Mister M.


Fijufic said...

Nice to read you are doing the Wizzy stuff. You are so thoughtful.

You miss Jayess don't you? I can sort of tell in the tone of your posts.

The REALLY need to pick up the old interface.

I have thousands of spam comments and there and I'm scared to death to even attempt to moderate them..

O~ said...

I love doing little things like warming the bed up for R when we are together. I'm looking forward to the time we are under one roof.... I am glad you had a good day albeit busy!! *hug*

Wizardress said...

You know Bobby, I think what I miss most about JS is the fact that it was familiar, and easy to navigate, and so much has been going on that I haven't had time to feel at home somewhere else yet.

Most of the people that I established relationships with, I can find, so for that I'm grateful.

I go there but it isn't the same for me. Blogging seems to have lost it's charm for me at the moment. I'm sure it's something that will pass.

Heyyy O- I hope y'all have a great time together. I know that you will, and you are right, it is those little things. I know that you both will really appreciate the time spent together under one roof. It won't be long now.


Happy weekend!