Monday, February 02, 2009


Since I haven’t written one in a while, I decided that I’d take a moment to write a list of the things I’m grateful for today. Even though I haven’t been sharing the list, I am grateful each and every day for all things in my life, even the not-so-pleasant ones, as they serve to teach me about myself and others.
Since I’d rather be spending my time with Marcel, I will keep this short, but expect to hear more from me tomorrow.
Marcel is going back to work Thursday, which will afford me some time to play ‘catch up’ in a major way. I’m completely caught up with all my household chores (with the exception of that dreaded closet revamping that I “STILL” haven’t done), so I should have some time to spend doing what “I” want to do.
My Gratitude List for February 2, 2009.
Today I’m Grateful For:
1- Marcel, whom I love more with each passing year.
2- The flowers, cards and well wishes that we received today in celebration of ‘our’ day.
3- Leftovers, which meant I didn’t have to cook today.
4- Snow- even though it was just a little, it made me smile.
5- Saying “I DO” five years ago today.


Judy said...

That's a great list. :)

Even the simplest things give us great joy!

I'm grateful for my pillows and cozy bed covers on a chilly night. :)


Dani said...

Happy belated anniversary Lori and Marcel.
You and my parents share a special day