Saturday, February 28, 2009


I spent most of the day digging through boxes of things I had stored and deciding what to keep and what to toss. I've been going through parts of the house, little by little and reorganizing everything, and since I somehow twisted my knee and it has been giving me a little pain, I figured no time like the present to tackle a few projects in organization.

Four hours later I was finished with what I started, and everything is organized. I even found myself with much more space than when I started, because there were some things that found their way to the garbage. Some things I actually wondered how on earth they hadn't already made it to the trash- but I guess at the time I kept them for some reason or another. Since I've forgotten what that reason was, they are now part of this weeks garbage.

I was looking through a 'to do' book that I used last year to keep up with my daily work outs, when I first changed my lifestyle and I came across the following quote that I'd written in the margins of the book.

"In Order to learn the important lessons in life, one must each day summount fear." - Emerson

Those few words speak volumes, and I'm grateful that I came across it again today.

My Gratitude List for February 28, 2009

Today I'm Grateful For:

1- The sense of accomplishment I feel when I tackle a major task on my 'to do' list.

2- Finding little words of 'wiz'dom that encourage and inspire.

3- Quiet evenings, home alone.

4- Appreciation.

5- Warm slippers when my feet are cold.

Oh and does anyone know why I'm having to 're' follow people I was already following? It seems like all the people I was following, I suddenly need to add and/or follow again. (Insert Twilight Zone Theme Song here)


Fijufic said...

I can't answer that re follow question. Mine has been pretty stable.


Anonymous said...

Understanding the need to reorganize, I too have a few boxes of "why do I have this" stuff. HOpe you got it all put away. =)

Dorrie said...

go to the blogger "buzz" in your dashboard... there are some infos about the "new" follow thingy... you may find your answer there.

I need to toss stuff, too...

Charm said...

Kudos on the completion of the reorganization project! I really need to do some of the purging and reorganizing too.

Hope your knee feels better soon! I have had that happen before too. It is miserable and can really slow you down. One of the worst parts about such a thing is when you don't have a clue what caused the problem!

I hadn't noticed that people had to be redesignated as those that I was following. I can't tell you what to do about that. Dorrie probably has the best advice to offer there!


P.S. ~ How is this for a captcha word? "mermism"

Sounds like a part of speech/language for mermaids and merman.

Charm said...