Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Spaces

My bath water is running so unless I make this short, I'll end up with a huge mess to clean up.

Marcel and I are spending the evening with Hein and Desere tonight, but I wanted to stop in and wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.

I do believe that we should express our love every day, and not just on 'special holidays', but I do think it's fun to celebrate the holiday as well.

I've definitely decided that this is going to be the place where I write, and probably even after I get my site going, I'll probably still write here.

In the next couple of days, I'll have some extra time to spend on the computer, so I'm hoping to be able to get everyone added to my blogroll, which should allow me to keep up with what's happening in everyones lives a little more.

I've decided that I will still write on JS, but the personal things you can find here. Not everyone knows about this place, and it's not a secret, but I am looking forward to this space.

Right now, as much as I'd like to sit and chat, I'd better dash before I end up having a HUGE mess to clean up.

Happy Weekend!


The Lioness said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie!

Have a lovely time tonight!

Dorrie said...

I'm getting used to this place, too. It still won't replace the old JS, but neither will the new JS.

I almost let my bath water run over the other night! I caught it just in time! LOL

Judy said...

I've been over at my Karaoke, singing all afternoon and evening!

Hope you and Marcel have had a wonderful day! :)


becomingkate said...

Nice to see you here!

Traytable said...

I thought I had added you to my 'following' list but obviously not!

Happy V Day

mub said...

I'm "following" you here now. Geez, that sounds so stalkerish! How's Desere feeling these days?

Charm said...

All in all, I rather like this site for blogging. Nice to see you here. :)

*Love & Hugs*