Thursday, February 05, 2009

On Appreciation and Assumption (Repost from JS)

For those of you who took the time out of your day yesterday to send up a prayer for Marcel and his family, I thank you- it means more than you realize.
On the whole, the day went well. I’m very proud at the way Marcel handled a few curveballs that were tossed our way, and surprised at another.
It was a difficult day- the fourth anniversary of his brothers death, but we spend our time in reflection, and we try to move forward. It’s really the only way to really LIVE, and we want to make the absolute best of the life we have together. It’s a great one, and we’re blessed in many, many ways.
Since yesterday was also the first day that we’d been out to do anything since he’d been sick, he couldn’t wait to buy me some roses for our anniversary, plus he bought me a beautiful charm for my T.S. bracelet. I explained to him that I don’t ‘need’ gifts to know that he loves me, but this was something he wanted to do, so I couldn’t rob him of that.
I haven’t talked much about my goals for this year, but one of them is to be more unassuming. Not that I really think that I’m very assuming to begin with, but I am guilty from time to time for ‘assuming’ that things are a certain way, when often times, I find myself being wrong in that assumption. So one of my goals is to not assume that ANYONE thinks or feels a certain way, or that any one thing is this way or that way without having the facts to support that feeling. Í know it will help me on this journey to be a better person, and live my own life to the best of it’s potential.
I have a feeling that’s a little life lesson that many of us could benefit from.
Marcel is back to work today, and I’m enjoying some time alone. I’ve had several things that I’ve been wanting to accomplish, and I’ve been able to get those done today. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get caught up on a few hand-written letters and get them sent out before Monday. I love writing so much.
Tonight, Desere is coming over for coffee, company and some girl talk. We spent some time catching up this morning, and we have MUCH to talk about tonight. You’d never guess that we’d just been over there yesterday, but we never run out of things to say.
Yesterday- Marcel and I were chatting with one of our neighbors and she invited us in since it was cold out and none of us wanted to stand in the cold. She and her husband have a lovely place, and she has the most whimsical cat I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ll have to write more about it later- and I’m even going to see if she’ll let me photograph him, but his name is Geno and he’s sleek, brown and simply comical. Of course, he’s not as amazing as Mister M, but he definitely runs a close second, and you know that’s saying something if I say that about a cat I’ve only met for about 45 minutes or so. More on Mr. Geno later.
Right now, I need to take care of a few more things around the house, and see if I have any work that I need to take care of.
More from me later if I get everything finished.


Fijufic said...

You know i love you just like you are assuming or unassuming you are a keeper buddy.

Cheers to you and Marcel.


susananne said...

I agree with Bobby, dont change Lori!

Ramsey said...

i remember the first time i visited your journal. your name (Wizardness) prompted me to visit because i've dabbled/been entertained with witchcraft and voodoo in the past. thinking your blog might pertain to that and maybe you being a witch, i began reading you and was quick to discover the complete opposite! so much for first impressions!
Anyway, i second-third the comments above.