Sunday, February 01, 2009

Stayed Home

The entry below is a mirror of the entry I wrote today at JS. I'm still trying to get in the swing of things, but I'm getting there, and today seems like I'm getting there at a faster pace. I'm strongly considering making this my main blog, for the simple fact that I can change layouts, and Sunny has made a tutorial which helps make the process easier. Now to find the time to work on something. I am not in any hurry, but I have a feeling that it will make this place feel a little more like home- which will reflect the title of this blog appropriately.

I do have many things to talk about, including some new information on the fire in early 2007 that destroyed our other car. If you read my other journal, then you know that we returned from our vacation to find that two days prior our car, along with five others had burned to the ground in what we then thought was a wire short in a company mini van, but what ultimately was the beginning of many tricks of an arsonist in our area. We'd given up on ever finding out who was responsible, not to mention collecting on the fire, but new information has come to light that I'll share soon when I know a little more. Marcel will be calling the police tomorrow morning, and we are praying for good news.

Below- my entry from JS

"If you’ve been reading this journal for any length of time, you know that our Sunday’s always include having dinner at Marcel’s mom with the family. I enjoy it for the most part, and the only time that I usually am not there is when Marcel is working that afternoon.
This week though, I decided that rather than going to my mom in laws, that I could really use the time to myself, as I haven’t had ANY as of late, so I decided to stay home. Marcel brought me some salad and a piece of chicken breast, which I’ll eat along with my broccoli in a little while.
There really is some truth to the old addage that “Silence is Golden” because I am basking in every single second of silence. No television, no i Tunes, stereos, or video games- just pure silence, with the exception of the dryer, but I don’t really count that.
Last night I actually slept until 5:30 this morning without waking. Since I’ve been waking every hour or couple of hours since we got back home, this was so refreshing. I rolled over and went back to sleep and didn’t drag myself out of bed until much later, when I was greeted with a light snowfall.
As the day has worn on, the flakes have stopped falling, but the skies promise more, and I’m hoping they deliver.
I’m sure to those buried in the fluffy white stuff, the thought of more of it makes them groan, but I adore snow and it always brings a smile to my face, so bring it on!"

A question to my fellow ex- JSer's. What is your blogging home of choice at the moment? I'm still deciding, but I do know that the new JS owners show alot of potential, but things will take time. Even when I start blogging at my own space, I am sure that I'll still blog here somewhere- but where is the question. Something tells me I won't 'keep up three blogs though in addition to the new ones. I don't see enough time in the day for that.


Judy said...

I'm first to comment! :)

lol. I keep checking on you to see if you found a layout you love!

It does make for more cozy feeling, (in my opinion) ;)

I do remember about the arsonist and your car!

Hope it's good news from the police.

Last but not least....This 'spot' here is very cozy and comfy for me, and I love it. :)

{{hugs}} and be safe and warm,


Dorrie said...

Blogspot seems to be the easiest AND we can work on layouts! yah!

The new JS hasn't made any changes/improvements the past week which makes me wonder...

It sounds like Marcel has finally conquered the bug.. good for him!

I'm looking forward to your reports AND the news about the fire! {hugs}

AndiMAC said...

I like blogger because it's pretty easy. I will be more permanent at JS when things get a bit more settled. It will take time seeing as the new owners have NO clue what the old JS was like. Dylan should help them with that aspect.

Fin said...

Right now I am posting three different places and I don't like any of 'em.

I am still trying to be patient to see what evolves at JS. I get my most comments on blogspot, can post photos best on wordpress and am really just sorta marking time on JS.

BeautysSymphony said...

Hi hi hi! I like it over here much better, it's a bit more homey. Have a terrific Sunday evening :)

Silentwhisper said...

Good to see you here.Personally I'm like you, well, I was, somewhat, undecided which place I would lay my thoughts.With time I've come to become comfortable here, though I really-really miss watching a homepage with the comments posted.